Aug 12, 2009

New Benefits for Paradise Ranch Members!

As an added bonus for our valued Paradise Ranch Members, we have added some new benefits and services. Membership is $300/year per dog, and includes all of the following special features:

-Discounted Rates-
Members receive discounted dog boarding rates of $55 a night, with a 10% discount for stays over 7 nights, and a 15% discount for stays over 14 nights.

-Priority Standing Reservations-
Never be turned away, even on major Holidays. In order to provide your pet with a reservation we have blocked boarding and training spaces available for members.

-No Deposits, No Penalties-
Paradise Ranch will not require a deposit in order to hold a boarding reservation for members. Your pets boarding reservation can be cancelled or shortened at anytime for any reason and, because you are a member you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

-Membership Card-
Personalized membership card with photo identification to show the world that your pet is a member of Paradise Ranch Country Club.

-Member Pet Tag-
Paradise Ranch will have a Gold Pet ID tag printed with your pet's name and Paradise Ranch's phone number. In the event that your pet is lost and you are not available, whoever finds your pet can call Paradise Ranch and we will pick up your pet ASAP and provide care until you or a representative is available to pick up your pet during normal business hours. A transportation and boarding fee will apply.
-Retail Products-
10 % Discount on Retail Products.

Call us at 818-768-8708 for more information or to begin your Membership!

Aug 11, 2009

Special! New "Recession Busters" Prices!

Dog Boarding 
One dog: $65/night, over 7 nights $58.50, over 14 nights $55!
Each additional dog: $60/night, over 7 nights $53.50, over 14 nights $50!

Cat Boarding
One cat $55/night, over 7 nights $49.50, over 14 nights $46.75!
Each additional cat $50/night, over 7 nights $44.50, over 14 nights $41.75!

Single lessons at Paradise Ranch: $75 without day camp, $110 with 6 hours of day camp
Single lessons in your home: $150

Group Lessons: $300 for 6 consecutive 90 minute lessons, held Saturday mornings

Day Camp and Training
5 Day Camp and Train $510 (save $40)
10 Day Camp and Train $990 (save $110)

Boarding and Training
5 Day Board and Train $645  (save $55)
10 Day Board and Train $1275  (save $125)
21 Day Board and Train for Puppy Manners, On-leash, or Off-Leash $2250 (save $250)
Anti Aggression $890/week (save $110 per week)

Check out for more information